Anti Fatigue Mats Improve Workplace Safety

Health and Safety is a pressing issue in today’s working society. Safety checks more rigorous that ever, and consequences are higher if the results of these checks is below standard, but there is also another important reason to ensure your employees are working in a safe environment.

Recent studies have shown that many job seekers now pay as much attention to the working environment as they do salary, when looking for work.  Employers know that staff are the key driver of their success, and want the best people possible for the job. To do so, they must create safe working areas for their employees.

A very popular and cost effective method of achieving this is by applying the use of anti fatigue mats. These mats are commonly found in factories, or production lines – typically where people stand for the majority of their day. As more and more people across all industries are standing for their working day, we are seeing anti fatigue mats being used more frequently.

Airug anti fatigue matting

These special types of mat are designed to provide a number of benefits to those that gave to stand for the majority of their working day. People that stand for prolonged periods on hard floors are likely to face some postural or health concerns at some point. Standing for long times can give you the following such problems:

  • Weak blood flow
  • Aching in joints such as knees and hips
  • Flat feet
  • Varicose veins
  • Back ache
  • Neck ache
  • Lack of concentration
  • Headaches

These problems can really affect a worker’s performance, and worse can affect their ever day lives long-term. Anti fatigue mats ensure that these problems do not occur. They are designed in such a way that encourages your body to make continual movements, thus increasing blood flow and keeping joints moving. When the joints are moving your posture is also engaged. A worker who stands on hard floors has stated they lose concentration after 40 minutes. A critical feature of these mats is that they help you to keep your concentration for longer than 40 minutes. This is essential for users who operate heavy machinery for a living.

These mats were initially designed for factories and production lines but are now seen across all industries such as hairdressers, in hotels, café’s bars and restaurants and shopping malls. The list is ever growing.

Anti fatigue mats are a low cost solution to a big problem, and are well worth investigating to find out more. Wikipedia is a good source of information to learn more about these products.