Introducing Barbary Fig Seed Oil (aka Prickly Pear)

One of the common names for the species of cactus Opuntia ficus-indica is Barbary fig. This cactus grows in tropical and Mediterranean like weathers and has several uses, such as creating highly effective anti-aging products.

The key compound in such anti-aging creams is the Barbary fig seed oil, which is a nourishing oil with gentle effects on most skin types. Barbary fig seed oil is very effective in reducing the oxidation damage in stressed tissues. This chemical compound is completely natural and has many beneficial substances for your skin, like vitamin E and linoleic acid.

At the same time, the Barbary fig seed oil has some good effects on the skin. First, the oil protects from radicals. Second, it boosts new cells to grow. Last but not least, the oil has an anti-inflammation effect.
It serves as an effective antioxidant and has remarkable pre and post effects on skins that have been exposed to the sun. These are the main reasons to opt for an anti-aging treatment with Barbary seed oil.