Recruiting leaflet distributors

Distributing leaflets for a living can be rewarding job. When you are delivering leaflets for a company and they later phone or email you to say they’ve had a great response to the leaflet campaign, that’s very satisfying. But leaflet distribution Surrey and in London can also be a tough and tiring job which can make great demands on your body.

With this in mind it’s important to recruit the right type of leaflet distributor. One of the important aspects is how fit the individual is.  A leaflet distributor can walk up to 14 miles in a single day as part of their shift. For leaflet distribution Surrey this could be up to 18 miles due to the low housing density of the region. The more fit the individual the less tiring it will be and the less likely they will become demotivated.

Another important aspect is how honest the individual is. A distributor may not be physically supervised or monitored during their shift. They may be GPS tracked but even that may not provide the full picture. GPS tracking is not able to verify that the right number of leaflets are being to each property.

Reliability is also an important quality in a leaflet distributor and this is distinctly different from honesty. It may be the case that a distributor is often late or pulls out of a shift at the last minute. This kind of unreliability can be detrimental to a leafleting business.

All of the important characteristics required in a leaflet distributor can be confirmed by thorough referencing and hiring distributors on a trial or probationary basis.