The drinking ways

A wine glass is a drinking glass meant for drinking wine. There are different kinds of glasses that are specifically designed for a particular wine. Thus one has special glasses for red wine, white wine, sherry, sparkling wine and so on. By region and by country the types of glasses used may also vary from form and size. The glasses usually have a foot, a stem and a calyx. The wall of a wine glass is usually thin, so that the wine can be properly viewed. However, there are exceptions, such as the crystal wine glasses from Ireland, which are thicker than the glasses from Belgium, France, Austria etc. Sometimes the material used can also be different for example the plastic glasses are made of a high quality plastic which looks like real glass.

For different types of wine are often different types of glass used. The form of the glass does not have a direct influence on the taste, but often on the taste sensation. A sparkling crystal glass of wine seems to taste better than a dull example from water glass. Polished glass and engraved glass are less transparent than crystal glass and therefore not popular. There are flat glasses for champagne – champagne coupes also called cocktail coupes – the wide end, and tall glass – flutes – which have an elongated cup. A flute is considered more appropriate than a coupe. A rummer is a special wine glass with a ribbed base and stem. This is generally used for white Mosel (green feet) – or hock (brown feet). The Guild Glass is a common type of wine glass. Some glass manufacturers such as Riedel, consider the properties of a given wine is to be able taste better in a glass of a certain shape.